Colorado, USA

Egg Blowing System for Easter Crafts

A Complete DIY Egg Blowing Kit designed to make the egg-blowing process easy and efficient. Includes: Egg Piercer, Egg Blower, Rinsing Bottle, and detailed instructions.

With durable construction and ergonomic design, this Egg Blowing System is easy to use and helps you quickly remove the contents of an egg without breaking the shell.

Effortlessly empty and clean eggshells with one tiny hole. Whether you're creating ornate Ukrainian Pysanky Art or Kid crafts, this tool will make the process a breeze.

A hygienic, safe, eco-friendly egg-blowing system. No more placing your mouth on a raw egg or contaminating the egg contents with your breath. Save the shell AND the egg contents.

Easy to disassemble and clean. Rinse the three parts with warm water and soap, and it will be ready to use repeatedly.