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Airplane Reward Chart for Potty Training - Themed Tokens - Incentive Chart - Chore Chart - Personalized

- Token Reward Jar for Potty Training, Chores, Incentives, Behavior Management
- 15 Themed Acrylic Tokens
- PERSONALIZED with your child's name!
- Handmade with Baltic Birch and Durable Acrylic
- Reusable over and over again!
- Available in Boy and Girl Color Schemes


CHOOSE a single goal at a time. Make it simple, clear, and understandable.
Examples: - Make it to the potty 10 times! - Go to the potty when reminded! - One token for every hour without an accident!

IDENTIFY the reward ahead of time. Work together to let your child help choose the reward and consider brainstorming rewards that will help motivate them. The reward doesn't have to be tangible; it could be an outing or special time with a family member.

AGREE on how many tokens are needed to earn the reward. The younger the child, the fewer tokens required. Make the reward achievable within a short period of time - from a few days to a week.

WRITE IT DOWN. Write down the reward and tokens required. Marking it on the front of the chart using a dry erase marker is a great way to keep the goal, requirements, and reward front-and-center.

CONNECT the token to the targeted behavior as quickly as practical. Put one token in the chart each time your child achieves the targeted behavior. Explain why: "You are getting this token because you did X behavior! I'm really proud of you for doing X. You're one token closer to your reward!”

BE CONSISTENT: Consistency is key!

BE POSITIVE: Stressing positive behavior helps build self-esteem.

DON’T PUNISH: This isn’t to say that there isn’t a place for punishment, but that reward charts should be used to reinforce positive behavior. Don’t associate the reward chart with bad behavior, and don’t take away tokens if your child isn't behaving well.
It's a reward, not a bribe. A bribe is a gift for stopping bad behavior, a reward is a prize for demonstrating a targeted behavior.

KEEP IT GOING! Once your child has mastered the targeted behavior, establish a new goal, and a new reward.
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