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          What the “Bell” 2020 Christmas Ornament Tutorial

What the BELL 2020?!

I’m quite sure that we're never going to forget this crazy year, adding a little humor to my tree seems like a great way to commemorate surviving it.  Is there such thing as a virtual ornament exchange?  If so, this might be my go-to design this year. 


You can download the Svg here! - What the "BELL" 2020 Ornament

Here's a video of the whole process! 

1. Cut a Base for the Bell

The Decorating Lathe makes it so easy to space and band my ornaments. Most ornaments fit perfectly without any modifications, but this bell ornament needs a base to fit snuggly in the Decorating Lathe.  

I traced the bottom perimeter of the bell onto cardboard and cut out the circle.  Viola!


2. Place Bell in Decorating Lathe  

The Decorating Lathe comes standard with a medium and large washer. (The small washers come in handy for delicate ornaments, but more on that later.)  Insert the top of the bell into the large washer.  Place the cardboard circle on the base of the bell and slide the adjustable arm of the Lathe closed.   

Watch here for more details on laying out designs with the Decorating Lathe

 Place a finger on the bell and turn to ensure that it’s centered. Adjust if necessary. Align the seam of the bell with the indicator marks on the side of each cup of the Decorating Lathe. 

 3. Layout design with chalk

Using the indicator marks locate the center of the bell and mark with chalk.  I marked several horizontal bands around the bell as well to help me center the graphics. 


* See this video for more detailed instructions on laying out your ornament 

4. Cut & Weed Your Design 

Open the project in Design Space and send it to your machine to cut.  

Cut settings:

  • Base Material -  Washi Sheet
  • Blade Presser:  More

Weed the unneeded pieces. Remove the backing of your transfer tape and place it onto the vinyl. Used the scraper to rub over your design to make sure it adheres to the tape.  Flip it over and remove the vinyl backing.

5. Apply Vinyl to Ornament

Use the transfer tape to place your “What the Bell” vinyl onto the ornament following the chalk marks to ensure it is centered and straight.  Use the scraper to rub your design, making sure that it firmly adheres to the ornament. Continue with the 2020 vinyl and finish with the “COVID Snowflakes”. I like to use a hairdryer set to warm to smooth and seal my vinyl. 


6.  Paint Bands

The Decorating Lathe will be your best friend on this step!

Hold the paint pen in your dominant hand and brace your hand on the table,  The tip of the pen should be at a slight angle. Turn the Lathe away from you using the opposite hand.   I prefer Kelly Creates paint pens because the soft tip allows the paint to flow evenly while turning the Decorating Lathe.   You could also use Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pens.

That’s it!  What better way to celebrate the end of this ridiculous year than with COVID snowflakes and a good laugh.   

Video Tutorial